Its with great sadness that we report the loss of Motion To Strike at Cartmel on Saturday. He unfortunately shattered his cannon bone and down into the joint, so sadly there was nothing we could have done for him. He will be missed hugely by everyone on the yard, especially Jackie who rode him everyday and worked hard to get him to perform so well over his last few runs. It is never easy losing a horse but it is especially hard on a small yard where each horse is known so well by each member of the team. He was a true charcter and his little quirks will be sorely missed, maybe even his stable door kicking!

LadyVie also ran at Cartmel, a return to a racecourse after 5 years having been running in point-to-points for Lucy. She ran well, up with the pace but just faded towards the end leaving her to finish down the field.

Pictured below: Motion To Strike’s face, Motion To Strike and Jackie and LadyVie before her race.