This week has been the week for the number 3. We had 3 runners – Bermondsey Belle and Highland Peak at Perth on Thursday and Ladyvie at Haydon Point-to-point on Saturday. Bermondsey Belle ran in a 2 mile maiden, which are always competitive, and it was only her second run over hurdles. She jumped fantastically but will need further than 2 miles and we are just trying to get a handicap for her to allow her to run against horses in her grade. Highland Peak looked fantastic, as well as jumping great and liking running upfront, however he slipped on landing 4 from home and couldn’t regain his position and lost a lot of ground so finished in 3rd place. He did win turnout though which is very unusual for us! Ladyvie and Lucy were then on at Haydon Point-to-point at Hexham racecourse on Saturday. A rather wet day but she ran up with the pace and jumped well to stay on and finish in 3rd place. Its great to see her and Lucy doing well in the northern pointing circuit.

Whats more one of the yard cats had 3 kittens!

Pictured below: Bermondsey Belle in the paddock, Ladyvie looking over Hexham racecourse after her race and a video of Highland Peak modelling his best turned out rosette!