On Saturday we were back to Kelso with 3 runners – Lovely Schtuff, Highland Peak and Welcome Ben. Lovely Schtuff and Highland Peak were in the same race. Highland Peak jumped superbly and ran in mid division for most of the way – he tired slightly towards the end but ran on to finish in 5th. This was an encouraging run from him and we are happy with his progress as a chaser. Lovely Schtuff looked to settle well at the back but when asked to make a move in the final stages couldn’t manage, he was heard to make a noise and now will undergo a scope and wind operation to help with his breathing.

Welcome Ben was back on the track after nearly 500 days off due to injury at the end of 2017. He ran in his normal fashion – out front and jumping fantastically! He made all the running and nearly held on to the end but was just overtaken in the closing stages and ended up finishing in 2nd. This was an amazing first run back and we couldn’t be happier with how he ran.

Great to have runners back at Kelso and we are looking forward to Perth being back in action at the end of the month.

Pictured below: Highland Peak going to post, Lovely Schtuff checking out the fences before the race, Highland Peak jumping and Welcome Ben running and jumping. Thanks to Dennis Penny for the great photos!