Its been quiet at Conglass over the last week, with no much racing happening some of the horses are having an easier spell. We ran a few horses over the two day meeting at Perth 30th and 31st July. We had Palixandre and Highland Peak on the Tuesday evening meeting. Palixandre is a very strong and hot headed horse and so ended up leading for majority of his race but then found nothing in the finish and ended up finishing 6th, nevertheless not a disappointing first run for us. Highland Peak was going well and he too was running upfront and was doing well until making a mistake 4 from home which left him too much to do to regain his place – this seems to be a theme with him recently however we are all happy he is home safe and he did finish in 5th which along with 3 seems to be one of his favourite numbers.

Heading back down the road for the day meeting on the Wednesday we had Lovely Schtuff, Bermondsey Belle and Welcome Ben. Unfortunately, the weather was absolutely miserable all day with thunder and heavy rain. Lovely Schtuff tried his hand at front running but didn’t have much left at the end of his race and finished in 5th. Bermondsey Belle showed a lot more interest this time running mid division and jumping very neatly and efficiently. However, she was heard to make a noise and so will be having a wind operation to help her breathing to help her finish her races. Welcome Ben did not enjoy the softer ground from the heavy rain which was shown in his jumping, he was very tired which lead to him crumbling on landing 2 out and falling – not something he is used to as his jumping is normally outstanding. We are very glad to say he is ok after this and is enjoying some lighter work and more field time for a short spell as there isn’t much available for him throughout August.

Jackie and Welcome Ben after his race
Highland Peak loves to pose for the camera
Kilfinan Bay doing his party trick