This week has been revolved around the string of runners we have entered for the 3 days of Perth on 25th, 26th and 27th April. We are hoping for some nice weather to continue to dry out the ground a little. Majority of our entries have been made for Friday but we do have Lovely Schtuff declared for Wednesday.

Jackie is still progressing with her flat license so if anyone is interested in having a flat horse with us please don’t hesitate to get in contact. We love to chat to people about what we offer here. There is also some sales coming up at the end of May for stores, horses in training and point-to-pointers which Jackie and Patrick will attend, so if anyone or group is interested then feel free to message or phone us to chat.

We had Vincent Lund, a photographer, visit us to take some pictures of the horses in action over the last 2 weeks. He has taken some fantastic photos which we will share over time across our Facebook and Instagram pages as well as trying to post a few on here too.

Pictured below: a beautiful head shot of Motion To Strike, Lovely Schtuff and Amilliontimes up the woodchip gallop, Bright Propect, Ballinvegga and Highland Peak going up the woodchip gallops, a very shiny Amilliontimes and a sunny Saturday canter around the flat gallop.