What a nice week of weather we’ve had and with more to come that should give us better ground for the ever close opening Perth festival. Our local track will be back in action over the summer from 25th April, exciting news for chief lorry driver Patrick as this means shorter journey times! With the drying weather we have had opportunities to school some of the horses and hopefully get the grass and flat gallops back in action.

An exciting weekend for Jackie and Patrick as they were invited to the Grand National by Randox Health, the sponsors, to enjoy a fantastic days racing. They were totally spoilt by the great corporate hospitality that Randox put on and enjoyed a well needed weekend away after a busy few weeks. Great to see all runners and riders had a safe round and there was no fatalities.

Pictured below: Bright Prospect and Lucy, Lovely Schtuff and Caitlin, Highland Peak and Daisy and Amilliontimes ears with Alex as photographer, Problema Tic and Chloe showing them how its done, a sunny sunday hack and Highland Peak schooling.