It seems we are always talking about the weather…

This week it was our mission to beat the beast from the east and with a big thanks to the whole team, we did it! Without all the girls at the yard and the guys on the farm it would have been impossible to keep everything ticking over. A big effort put in by Chloe and Lucy to get here through the week with roads being dangerous and even some smiles on the faces, when you could see them through the snow! Alex and Katie also made a big effort to get here at the weekend, with Alex even staying the night to makes sure she was here for work on Sunday! With the snow being quite fresh it was easier to work the horses however now it has turned rather slushy with the ‘warmer’ weather and rain and it is proving more difficult.

To keep spirits high, Alex wrote a poem in the tack room:

Snow snow go away,

so we can work and we can play,

Up the gallops for a while,

Thats what would make us smile!


Even Chloe has chilblains,

And its driving her insane,

You are pretty, you are white,

but piss off now this is sh*te!

Below some of our favourite snow pictures, Left to Right: Jackie and Amilliontimes, Ballinvegga blending in with the snow, second lot going out on Saturday morning, Bright Prospect looking onto the ‘snow gallops’ and a video of first lot going out on Saturday morning.